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Whilst thinking of what else I could do I came up with some new ideas that might help along the way, for thinking of new ideas. I really wanted to create something that all the viewers of whom will read the article will recognise the image and feel familiar with it; creating an emotional tie with the piece. So I tried using the powers of subversion. I took a scene from the famous film lady and the tramp, and was playing around with changing the spaghetti into iPhone headphones and having the dogs linked together by the use of the iPhone. When playing around with this idea I didn’t really think that it would be very successful because the context wouldn’t be strong enough for the piece. Plus going on what was said in the group critique beforehand it still might not be up to date

enough for the viewer. To do so a couple going for a meal might be the right solution. BUT instead of feeding one and other they would be looking at each other’s iPhone. I took some photographs of my housemates in order to begin thinking of compositions.

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