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Book Sleeve, Decorative

For my decorative function i have finally chosen to redesign a book jacket, this includes the front, back and side cover. i would have to create an illustration and then place it within a realistic environment. For the illustration its self, i wanted to create a strong yet simple juxtaposition between text and imagery. The meaning of the text and what it is relaying to the viewer projects a mental image that can shock the viewer when they see the illustration that i have placed next to the text. If the viewer were to see the drawing without the context it would either remind them of the time they were a child, and all of the connotations and thoughts that relate to that time. or they will think of their own child; and not as a suicide bomber, as this book is in english and is aimed at the western world.

For the illustration its self i managed to gain access to a children's creche. This was a very interesting experience as i was able to watch the children as they drew and was able to discuss their thoughts of the drawings in what they were creating. I was also able to feed them ideas in order to get the drawings that were suitable for the cover.
Original billboard illustration
Billboard add, Informative

For my informative illustration i have created a pastiche that many of the general public can recognise and relate to. It is a clip from the opening scene of the popular family show, "The Simpsons." But instead of what the viewer is used to seeing i have altered the school setting, and have redesigned the character and his clothing; to fit the theme in which i am informing the viewer about. The pastiche quality is there to draw in the viewers gaze and the text is there to hit the viewer with the hard facts. It is a tool to show the differences within our western culture, and to that of the palestinian, what is normal for them is not so normal for us!
Original illustration
Magazine Article, Commentive

I have chosen to place my commmentive illustration within a double page spread for a magazine. The meaning of the illustration is quite self explanatory once the symbols have been read. The illustration also co-insides with the article, and stresses the meaning of the article. The meaning of the illustration is to explain the never ending cycle of violence that is embedded within the youth and children of israel/palestine.
Example of juxtaposition

Examples of me playing with symmetry and collage

This is the work of Adam Freidman

And Brandi Strickland

Further more the ideology of becoming a suicide bomber has reached a celebrity status. This video shows a a young lady on an english new station, presenting her bomb belt with pride.

This video is called mother of a martyr. After watching this video i had realised what i wanted to focus not only my decorative illustration on, but also my whole project. The video features a lady that has raised her children to become martyrs "suicide bombers." By raising them to believe dyeing for Allah/the palestinian race was the right thing to do, each of her sons have committed this act. In an interview the mother admits that she has no regrets about giving her children this lifestyle.