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Book Sleeve, Decorative

For my decorative function i have finally chosen to redesign a book jacket, this includes the front, back and side cover. i would have to create an illustration and then place it within a realistic environment. For the illustration its self, i wanted to create a strong yet simple juxtaposition between text and imagery. The meaning of the text and what it is relaying to the viewer projects a mental image that can shock the viewer when they see the illustration that i have placed next to the text. If the viewer were to see the drawing without the context it would either remind them of the time they were a child, and all of the connotations and thoughts that relate to that time. or they will think of their own child; and not as a suicide bomber, as this book is in english and is aimed at the western world.

For the illustration its self i managed to gain access to a children's creche. This was a very interesting experience as i was able to watch the children as they drew and was able to discuss their thoughts of the drawings in what they were creating. I was also able to feed them ideas in order to get the drawings that were suitable for the cover.

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