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Whilst searching through the magazines in boarders I found an illustrator called Handiedan. Instantly I liked what I saw, so when I was able to get to a computer I instantly read up and viewed more work by the artist. Whilst looking through the website I also found a few design areas that I didn’t like and would not use for this project. But the work I did like and subtly used as influence are the multi media images on old wood; they can be found : http://www.handiedan.com/artworks/pin_up_artworks.html

They are a mixture of print, collage, paint and pen. But what I really like about the imagery is the use of heavy layering and the subject matter in that is being illustrated. The artist uses a lot of vintage stock imaging of pin up girls and then turns them into prints. What I will take from this work is the placement and arrangement of the images used, the use of photomontage and the Venetian floral patterns. I think that will comply with the brief set.

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