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We have been given the new brief to start the introductory project. This is a project all based on Editorial illustration. The aim is to read several articles that have been printed in recent newspapers and come up with one single illustration for them. A cleaver way in which we will gain ideas for this brief was to be split up into teams and to complete a group brainstorm on our chosen article. The article in which we had chosen was that based on the ideology of the iPhone. The article based its ideas around the iPhone running conversation between people, the examples it uses are: that of instant messaging, text messing, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks that are easily accessible from the iPhone. It touches on the idea that people never talk face to face anymore like, as humans should, the only contact made to one and other is within cyber space.

The ideas that the people in my group came up with were:

iDo; the concept concentrating its emphasis on people being married to their iPhone.

A family portrait in which each member is looking at their own iPhone instead of the camera.

A couple on the beach hugging to the view of a sunset, the twist being that the phone will replace one person within the couple.

Being trapped within the iPhone, as if it is an application that comes with it.

Mixing something old with the iPhone to create juxtaposition.

I decided to try out a few of my own ideas that were based on some that I may have gotten from the group discussion. The first was that of iDo. I was thinking back on the old iPod adverts were Apple would use a lot of simple silhouettes and bright colours, to advertise the main product/attraction within the commercial. In order to do so I created an image that contained a newly wedded couple that were originally holding hands. I changed them in to the form of a silhouette and replaced the hand holding with the groom holding a giant iPhone. This leaves the bride slightly to the left of the composition and out of the main focus. There is a very central composition in this piece with the iPhone in the middle gaining all of the attention from the viewer. A bright green background has been used to contrast the background with the silhouetted foreground. But this idea has already been done with the iPod advertisements. And as the iPhone is a whole new product it would need something new and updated as the viewer would think the illustration is about and iPod.

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