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So I have taken close to one hundred photographs of the location and some of the items that can be found within. I was really focusing on the space around the objects and how this made me feel. Although the location of my choosing was just off of a main road, it was very quiet and lonely. The weather did nothing but enhance the somber mood, if I had to think of how this day made me feel, the word that describes would be grey. Although it made me feel and think of grey I would not choose this as my main colour of focus when illustrating the piece. I feel that grey has too many connotations with city life, and in something as empty and alone as my location I would hardly be able to justify my reportage illustration with grey. The following photographs are some of the ones in which I took majority of my focus when working from the studio. This is because they each represent a different topic area in which I want to illustrate within my final piece.

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