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Whilst thinking of good examples for word and image, that relate to the selected brief, Hannah Bays sprung to mind. This is because she works alongside such artists as ‘The Babyshambles’ listens to their music and takes in what the artist has asked of her. After contemplation and consideration a piece of highly contemporary illustration will have been completed. I believed that this inspired a good way of attack the brief and have tried to work in a similar sort of style; not in the way in which the final outcome is presented, but with in the thought process and the stages leading up to creating an outcome.

Another contemporary illustrator that I have looked at and felt inspired by since he became known, goes by the name of Tinhead. He graduated in two thousand and eight and has veer since worked alongside artists such as ‘The Foals’. Much like Hannah Bays, Tinhead has a close relationship with the band and has an unusual insight to the music in which the viewer and general public will find hard to understand.

When considering the final outcome as an installation I had chosen to look at the work of the famous pop art artist, Richard Hamilton. He sprung to mind because of his heavily composed collages. As a group we decided to construct a corner of a room. But to add another element to the piece we would be thinking of the installation as a collage, when considering the composition. Meaning that if it were to be a seen as a photograph we would place our own images in places that enhance the aesthetics of the piece.

To override the clichés and many stereotypes of Robert (Bob) Marley, I really tried to think outside of the box in order to create something original, that doesn’t necessarily make the viewer think of the artist. I would do this by showing my greater depth and knowledge of the artist gained by reading through books, blogs and his fan site.

As we were working in a group for this brief we split the research up in to four sections, one for each person. We had; Religion, Family, Political and Music, I was given music. But instead of listening to the lyrics and picking up images from his songs that would almost create a narrative, I chose to look at what may have influenced his music in order for him to write those types of lyrics. This would broaden my research barriers and give me more that I could illustrate. Therefore giving my pieces the greater depth that I had been looking for to create.

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